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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Do I Have Enough Patterns!

I always tell myself I am not going to buy more patterns.  Here is what I have on hand:
Two rolling carts that have four sections and are packed to the max. A lot of these patterns I've used and hope to again.

The patterns here I've selected to make in the very near future, like the next week or two or three. Maybe not all of them, but most. These items will complete my summer sewing.
Here are some more I've got nearby.

This stack has some "I might sew soon" styles too.

This is my first pattern cart.  Most of the patterns are probably ten years or more.  Lots of Vogue designer patterns in this cart.

Some of these are patterns that were laying around that I was going to 'sew' last year during the spring/summer and maybe fall season, and I just put most of them in here. This is a bin that I inherited last year. I have two empty drawers.

The patterns in here are kind of dated, but some I've sewn, and some not, of course. I put them in here because I knew I wasn't going to use them anytime soon. But I revisit from time to time.

And this stack of magazines from Burda, Knip Mode, Octobre, and a few others.  There are possibilities here.  But the tracing part, I just can't seem to get into. 
Oh, I almost forgot to mention (confess), I've downloaded lots.   The Sorbetto for instance.  I've made two of those already. 

So I ask, do you think I have enough. 
My answer:
Sadly it's no because I saw a Simplicity top that I think is so cute S2026.  Someone had this on their site about two weeks ago.  At that time they weren't on the Simplicity site.  Also, this jacket, S2024 just saw this when I went to look for the top.  Although the jacket reminds me of another they had maybe last year.   I guess this is a new category for them.  Sew Simple, only $1.99.  So no need to wait for a pattern sale.  And that's the thing.  Without the sales, there is no way I could have accummulated this many.  Well maybe, when I was working in corporate America and there weren't sales every other week!    I do share my patterns with my daughter who sews, but she's as bad as me.  Sometimes we have the same pattern.  It's so fun to rush to the pattern sites when they announce their new patterns.
Go check out Simplicity and plan to add more patterns to your stash too...
Have a great evening everybody!


Cas... said...

Wow girlfriend! You do have enough patterns! LOL! Geez! That's a lot!

I'm preparing myself to make a maxi dress this Friday evening or at least start one. That was my plan. But I had to make a hair appointment and she wasn't available for Saturday so I'm going Friday evening. But I do plan to at least start my maxi dress. Wish me lots of luck.

I do the same thing with craft supplies that you did with your patterns. You should see my basement!LOL

Be encouraged...

Shawnta said...

I'm convinced there is never enough! Even if I knew how to draft whatever I wanted I would still by patterns lol

Andrea said...

Your Sorbetto tops are lovely. And by the way, you can never have too many patterns. I think Simplicity patterns are on sale this weekend 5 for $5.

Faye Lewis said...

No you don't have enough. (lol)

Mariela Alethia said...

Well, I think your pattern stash is very small and you could use a few more. Now, my patterns stash is 2000+ and it includes the 4 major pattern companies, vintage, downloaded patterns, burda,patrones and lutherloaf etc. So buy a few more and share it with your daughter,it is a good thing!e

Elaray said...

How many times have you wanted a particular garment and found the correct pattern in your pattern stash and not had to buy it? If this has happened just once, then you've justified your stash!

Bootzey said...

Your good. You know you have too many when you accidentally re-buy a pattern you already own

Ruta said...

There is not that kind of thing like enough patterns! So, You need definitely more! And I am extremely jealous!!!

Auset's Stitched Treasures said...

I think you could use a few dozen more. I am guilty of buying a pattern twice. Thanks to Cenetta's rendition of S5956, I culled through my stash found not one, but two copies of the uncut pattern. I made my dress and sold the other pattern. And it's hard to resist when the sales are so good.

Sheila said...

One can never have too many patterns. Like you I will see a pattern sewn up and compel to have it. Actually I just found a duplicate pattern and thinking of another giveaway.

Cennetta said...

Girl, You are not alone. I have so many patterns it's insane. Is there ever enough? I don't think so.