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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Finished My Coat!

I did not think I would have the opportunity to wear this coat much at all, but I've worn it at least three times already and received many compliments! It is so nice for our cool weather that has come back! It was easy to make. I lined the coat and it has a tie belt. I will post a picture of me wearing it later.
Now I will have to make something for Mother's Day. I have the fabric in my collection, just not sure which pattern I'll use.
In the meantime, my next project is a Simplicity dress and jacket mentioned in a previous post that I expect to be wear to church this Sunday. I just want new clothes! LOL!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I picked up these two McCalls patterns over the weekend. 5625 & 5631. Can't wait to make them!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Coat-A Work In Progress

(Updated Wednesday, April 23rd. Here is the picture I wanted to post previously. It was the Blogger, my digital camera worked fine. Last night I turned the lining, pressed the facings and have to hem, add buttonholes and buttons, will post the completed project tomorrow.)

Well Blogger wouldn't let me post a picture at this time. I just wanted to show what point I was at in the construction of the coat. I know I should be sewing spring/summer items, but I wanted to go ahead and work on this coat as it was already cut and staring me down everytime I came to my sewing area! LOL! It's McCalls 5060 View D, out of a black/white wool brocade type of fabric that I purchased at Gail K's in Atlanta last year. I am almost done because I attached the lining to the coat. Sorry no pictures at this time. So I'll post the completed coat soon.
Meanwhile, I also have cut out Simplicity 2938, the dress in a black/white/pink/gray geometric print from Fabric Mart, and the jacket in a solid pink gabardine. The rest of the gabardine I cut out New Look 6788 View D, the coat. It'll be lightweight and something we wear in the upcoming a/c season. I'll be choosing another dress to coordinate with this. So that's it for now.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Next Project(s)

These are the next patterns I plan to cut out. For Vogue 8491 I will use this yellow eyelet linen
fabric I purchased last year not knowing exactly which pattern I'd use. Well this is it.
The Simplicity 3874 I have not quite made up my mind. But I'll be going through my fabric collection soon for choices.

This is Alana on Easter. Just before we left for church. She was on the move so I had to get a picture quickly. A friend of the family had this dress made for her and she was just able to wear it! The beret is turned differently than when her mother placed it on her head! Nevertheless, she is adorable!

Blouse Finished!

This is my completed blouse out of the animal print fabric I bought at Walmart a couple of months ago. I used McCalls 3340 which is one of my favorite blouse patterns. It has princess seams with front-button closure, and a collar with neckband. The sleeves have various cuffs. I made a skirt to go with this (not pictured). I like this blouse pattern because it can be worn short or long and you can have buttoned or open cuffs, it can be dressed up or down depending on the fabric choice. The longer version has side slits (I've made that several times too-before my blogging days, LOL)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've Been Nominated!

It is truly an honor to have been nominated for this award by Pirouette. I thank you for having me on your list!

Now I have to list ten! This will definitely be hard because I read lots of blogs which have already been nominated. But here goes:

Melody - I like her down-to-earth attitude about her sewing and everything else she talks about on her blog.

Linda - I always like to check out what she's sewing next.

Faye - Faye is just getting back into sewing and is doing so great inspiring others and showing off her creations.

Gold - I wish I could crochet like her.

Cenetta - The Mahogony Stylist - A very stylish lady.

Kat - She fits her sewing time into her family activites and manages to get a lot done.

There are so many others that I can name. I love Adrienne's energy and that she's able to turn out so many garments in such a short amount of time. Always inspiring! Carolyn who is very busy with work, who'd much rather be sewing and creates such beautiful garments. And Erica, whose blog I found almost a year ago which led to many others. I had no idea that this sewing world even existed. I'm so glad I found so many wonderful people who share my love of sewing!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

My Daughter's Jacket

The jacket is McCalls 5481. I am almost done and will have photos to share over the weekend of the completed project. She's making pants from a different pattern. (She said she hasn't started on the pants and wants to wear this outfit tomorrow night!)