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Monday, August 31, 2009

New Rainbow Fabric Store

A great way to start out the weekend! Our Saturday outing began with a first-time visit to New Rainbow Fabrics located at 612 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago.
We were the only customers so we had the store to ourselves except for the owner and two employees who greeted us and were very nice.
Here are a few pictures of the inside of the store.
The fabric selection ranges from silk dupioni, african laces, woolens, cottons, stretch jerseys, just about everything. The prices are great!

I think the lowest price fabric was $3.99. There was probably something a little lower priced in fabrics, but actually the 45" linings were $1.99/yd in lots & lots of colors. The 60" linings are $2.99/yd. I saw interfacing for $1.29/yd. There are no patterns here, just fabric. So if you go, you need to have an idea of what yardage you'll need for various projects. They have cone thread and buttons (I only saw three types) that are sold individually. My daughter was trying to grab my granddaughter just as I snapped that photo. (BTW-Granddaughter had a ball walking/running the length of the store!)

Here are a few pieces of the fabrics we picked up while there. We will be going again very soon! Their website is

Vogue Fabrics is right across the street and Fishman's Fabrics is around the corner. We didn't go to either one on this day. We've been to both before. It was a good day!

Butterick 5313

I made Butterick 5313 View B. This did not work for me after it was made. I did not like how I looked wearing this dress. The pattern was easy to put together and the fabric is a knit from my stash. I will probably give this to the Goodwill and hope that someone else will like it and look nice. I still think it is a cute pattern though.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Simplicity 4695

I made Simplicity 4695 a couple weeks ago, and it has several options for a top. Either with sleeves and a collar or without. I chose to make it sleeveless and forgot to put the collar on! LOL It has bust darts and side slits and the sleeves and neck have facings. The fabric is of an unknown content from my stash and was ok to work with except it seems to like wrinkles. I've worn it with a skirt and have a few others I can pair it with. I'll probably make another top using this pattern but this time with sleeves and collar and also the pants or skirt.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Plans for Saturday

It's Friday night and I'm on the IM with my oldest daughter making plans for tomorrow. We will go to Rainbow Fabrics. It is our first visit and we're looking forward to it. I hear it's a small store with a very nice but limited selection and reasonable prices. Also, it is across the street from one of Vogue Fabrics locations and around the corner from Fishman's Fabric. I've heard very good reviews and will report back what we see!

Simplicity 2558

I plan to work on S2558 this weekend. The jacket pattern does not require a lining but I am going to add one. It's already cut out in this fabric that both my daughter & I purchased last year when visiting Atlanta.

New To My Pattern Collection

Last week I received from the BMV sale, (buy one get two free). Just now posting. But this is what I got. Haven't picked out fabrics yet, just wanted to get the patterns.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Daughter's Skirt & Granddaugter's Dress

You know, my oldest daughter sews and her 'mojo' has been in full force this summer. She's a high school teacher and has been churning out quite a few things since she's been on vacation. Here are a couple of projects from last weekend. Sorry the pictures aren't real clear, especially the one where I cut off her head! My granddaughter's dress is made in an eyelet fabric from her mother's extensive collection. She applied a sequinned trim to the waistline. Not sure which pattern she used for this dress, but she did a wonderful job on it.
My daughter's skirt is a fabric she found at Walmart. She said it was $1.50/yard. The trim on the hemline was found there too. But she added the rhinestones! I think the wide rick-rack came from Joann's. It's very cute!

B5332 & V8491

I don't know why I just can't finish this outfit. It only needs buttons. I thought I had some in my stash. I was going to use covered anyway. Guess when I had planned to wear this? There were no unique problems sewing this. It just wasn't ready for when I wanted to wear it and now we've had some very warm weather and I won't wear it unless it's a cool Sunday or other event. The jacket is loose-fitting with double breast front button closures. The dress is a close-fitting, sleeveless and fully-lined with darts and a back center zipper, and slit opening. Anyway, this was intended to be worn on Mother's Day. I refuse to let this become a UFO that hangs around until next one. I will keep you posted when I get buttons, LOL!

Knit Top From Simplicity 4273

Simplicity 4273 is a wardrobe pattern I've wanted to sew last year. Didn't enter the contest. I chose to make the top out of the leftover knit from McCall's 5890. The bodice front has gathers along the waist seam. This calls for bias tape and you know there is none at the store to match, of course. So I used bias strips of the fabric for the front & back neck edges and the armholes. Topstitched the hem. I'm pretty sure I'll use this pattern to make the jacket & skirt.

Finally Some New Posts

I've wanted to post something for quite some time. I'm finally sitting down to do so now. Will get right to what I've been sewing. McCalls 5890 I made View A in a knit purchased from The jacket is loose-fitting and unlined, has a shawl collar, with center back pleats and top-stitched hems all around. It was easy to sew. I haven't worn it just yet as it's been too warm here.

Next, Simplicity 4637. I made the top View C. I used a lightweight polyester fabric from my collection. The front has upper & lower sections which are separated by a horizontal seam. A dart is in the lower upper front. There are darts in the back and a center back seam. The collar is a two-piece collar and front & neck facings. The sleeves have a self-facing so a deep hem is made with a slit. The sleeves can be turned up to form a cuff. I chose this top because it wasn't just a plain shirt type of garment. It has the horizontal seams in the front and the darts to give it shape and I really like the sleeves and you can wear it either turned up and form a cuff or just leave them down. I might make it again in a different fabric. It has a front button closure. You can't see the skirt in the picture, but I used OOP B4746. It's a simple skirt with darts in the front & back and a center back zipper. It was so-so easy!! I will probably use this pattern again also.