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Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Got a Free Pattern from Simplicity!

I received this free pattern from Simplicity!
A couple weeks ago there was a pattern sale at Hancocks and I went LOL! They did not have this pattern in stock. (Not surprised!) But, when visiting the Simplicity site one day, I got the chance to participate in a survey to test their new site. I usually don't bother with surveys, but since they were giving a free gift, why not! So far I haven't seen the updated site yet, they are probably still working on it.
I bought a couple of McCalls patterns over the weekend at Hancocks. They were on sale. Will share later. I have quite a few projects lined up that I want to sew. I just took a peek at a couple of fabrics in my stash that I had put aside. I think I'll go shopping in my stash tonight and make some concrete choices of what to do next. And, I need to post on PR the two dresses I made for my granddaughter.
I still go to Hancocks although I'm sure I've said I'd never go there again because they never have all of what I want and it's along the way when I'm doing errands. I continue to give them a chance. Hmmm! I even saw some cute fabric, but I didn't purchase because do I really need more fabric, LOL! Yeah of course! Have a great day!

New Look 6845

I made View A in a cotton print from Walmart. Sleeveless a-lined jumper with piping for the front band, buttons and a back zipper, hook & eye. The piping selection did not match the fabric. So I bought the single-fold bias tape, pressed it flat, and then used some red cording I had in my stash and made my own piping. It was perfect match to cordinate with the colors in the dress. It was easy sewing and will be great for my granddaughter to wear this summer! Her mom loves it!

Monday, June 22, 2009

NL 6577

I made View B in a yellow dot cotton print from Walmart.
The sewing was easy and straightforward. I did not use the instructions much. The only thing I did different was to add some trim around the waist area. It is made in a size 4. I did not
add the underskirt. The baby seemed to like the dress. She grabbed it and ran off with it because I said I wanted to take a picture of her in it! Hilarious! I will probably make it up again. It has several variations that I like. The bodice is self-lined and is attached to a yoke for the neck and shoulders. The skirt has pleats in the front and back and there's a zipper opening in back. The skirt also has a ruffle around the buttom and the hem is topstitched. Super easy and perfect for summer. I will be entering this project in the PR Contest-Sewing for Children.
I hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day Weekend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Fabrics Arrived!

Yesterday when I came home my fabrics had arrived from It has been years since I placed an order with them. All the pieces are what I expected, except for one. HAHA! More on that in a moment.
The first piece is called Truffle Double Knit in Electric Camel. Looks beige on my monitor, but it is more of a warm color than it appears here. I have a couple of new patterns that are for knits only and I just have to choose which one I want to use.

Next is the Metro Suiting in Royal and Black. I like the drape of these two pieces. The royal will be a jacket and the black will be another skirt.

The Faille Crepe Suiting in Tangerine and Purple. I also like these but not sure which patterns I'll choose yet to make these up.

So now for the piece I didn't recognize. When I pulled the bag out of the box, I could see there was a print fabric inside and I couldn't remember ordering anything with a print. When I looked at the fabrics it is labeled Barcelona Double Knit Teaberry, which is what they were supposed to send. Well, that doesn't look like teaberry to me and it's definitely not knit. But by the time I finished editing this post, replied to my email and apologized and will be sending the correct fabric.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Sewing Pt.2

The skirt was made from a Simplicity pattern. I don't have the number handy but it almost got tossed. I decided to keep it because I can wear it for work on those days when I don't know what to wear, LOL!
Butterick 5356 was the one I had to finish on Sunday evening. Well didn't have to, just wanted it done so I didn't have anything (else) unfinished for the upcoming week. I made View D, a loose-fitting pullover with gathers in the front and stitched hems all around. I made my own bias trim for the neckline from the leftover fabric. Can't beat that. Saved time & money and it matches exactly everytime.
Vogue 7883 has been cut out for awhile. A super easy pullover top with shaped hem and long sleeves.
I've made quite a few tops in the past two weekends. It was something I needed to do in order to give myself more options. I will probably wear a lot of jean bottoms but also I plan to make a few skirts and capri pants to go with these tops and what I already have in my wardrobe for even more choices.
Happy Sewing!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Sewing

I started my weekend sewing projects on Friday evening with this top OOP S4605. The fabric is a knit from my stash collection that came from a sale at Joann's last year. Sewing was easy and I might make this one again. It has front & back and then the sleeves and for the shoulders and neck edge is a band. The only changes I made was to cut the length of the front and back just a bit longer. I know I should take photos of me wearing my projects, but it's just easier to put it on the dressform and snap away. But this one looks kind of funny because Lena (the dressform) has no arms. LOL!! I finished two other sewing projects on Saturday and
the third item will be finished tonight before the game goes off. So that will be four items completed this weekend. Everything was already cut out though. I'll post those pics hopefully tomorrow. My next projects for this week are two dresses for my granddaughter.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

Gwen from All My Seams has granted me the "One Lovely Blog Award". Thank you so very much! The rules to pass the award on to others is as follows:
1) Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2) Pass the award on to 5 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.
I have just recently discovered the blogs listed below. I pass the award on to:
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

These are the latest patterns I picked up over the weekend at Hancocks and this time Butterick was on sale. The middle pattern is a Connie Crawford. I've never tried one of her patterns before, but we will see how it works when I make it up. Probably not right away though. I saw a photo of this pattern on live models and really liked the way they looked. That's what made me decide to try one.
And now for a little something I just thought about. I didn't finish my outfit for Mother's Day. I was making the jacket from B5332 and a straight dress from another pattern. Anyway, I didn't finish the jacket because I didn't like how it was coming together. The shoulder seams were not even at all. It was like the front was wider than the back or vice versa. I know I cut it out correctly, but I'm thinking it may have had something to do with the fabric I chose. The only thing left to do on the jacket is to add the sleeves and then the finishing touches. I might go ahead and finish it up. I'll keep you posted on that.
Today, I ordered six pieces of fabric from I can't wait to receive it!