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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Current Project: B5720

photoOOP Vogue 1330 again.  The skirt is done except the hem and the stitching of the lining around the zipper.

photoB5720,  loose-fitting jacket needs the lining and the snap closures. 

Simplicity 2263 Jacket & A Straight Skirt(Vogue)

S2263 Jacket
Epaulet on shoulder (not a great pic)

Up close of the pockets and sleeve tabs.


S2263 is a Misses/Miss Petite jacket, top & two styles of skirts.  I made the jacket from this pattern.

Pattern Description:  Jacket with shoulder epaulets, sleeve tabs, back tabs, all with buttons.  The pockets are pleated with bands.  Pattern does not suggest lining the jacket, but I did.  (I line everything)  The collar is all one piece.  It has a simulated notch collar, but there is no seam.  
Fabric: I'm not sure, but it came from Joann's.
Did it look like the pattern pictured:  Yes
What did you like or dislike?  I liked the pattern and it came together smoothly.  Except the collar ripples a bit (maybe not the right word to describe it) but it could be caused by the type of fabric.  It did not appear like that on both sides though.
Would you sew it again?  Probably not the jacket.  Maybe some of the other pieces from the pattern.
Would you recommend it?  Yes if you like lots of tab & shoulder epaulet details.
Conclusion:   If you want quick & easy, this is not it.  But it is easy sewing where there are lots of details to take care of before actually sewing the body of the jacket.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Brocade Skirt - V1330

photoI've always wanted a brocade skirt and finally decided to pick some up at one of the Joann's sales.  
Pattern:  Vogue 1330 - very OOP.  It's an Emanuel Ungaro Vogue Paris Original, not on their website. 
Pattern Description for the skirt:  Semi-fitted straight, lined skirt, above mid-knee has back button waistband, and back zipper and hem-line slit.
Fabric Used:  Brocade. As you can see, it has paisley throughout the fabric with various golds & wine color.
Was there anything you liked or disliked about the pattern:  Not at all.  It was an easy sew skirt. 
Would you sew it again or recommend to others?  Yes I will sew this again.  I am sure some of you have this in your pattern stash.  I never made the jacket, but I think I will soon.
Conclusion:  I am loving the jacket on this pattern (again).  I think I will put this on my list of "to do" soon.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Am Back!

I bought a new computer today!!
Yay!  If it had not been for my husband pushing me, I would not have gone to the store to even look for one.  And how about this.  My husband doesn't know how to use a computer.  So glad we did and now I can get back to some of my favorite online things.
On the sewing front, I have missed reading the blogs.  I could read a little at work but not as extensively as I would at home,  And I have several sewing projects to blog about.  So there is some catching up to do.
This computer is SO nice.  LOL!  I plan to attend the class next week because this totally different than what I'm accustomed to and I don't want to miss anything.  Right now, I'm going back to the sewing machine to finish up a skirt.  See ya soon!