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Friday, August 31, 2007

End of Summer

I have been thinking about sewing of course, daily. I've got lots of things cut out. Maybe I can get something done this weekend. It's the last official holiday weekend of summer, although it doesn't feel like it weather-wise. To everyone that stops by, have a safe and enjoyable weekend.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Yesterday, I watched HSN during the afternoon and they were having fashion day. So later they promised Miss Tina, for Tina Knowles, who had a 2-hour segment on and I loved the stretch denim jacket and pencil skirt. The jacket had goldtone topstitching details, and a contoured front, with pockets and gold buttons, I love this jacket! The pencil skirt with topstitiching details as well. Now I haven't had a chance to find a pattern that's similar for the jacket, the skirt won't be a problem. I'll be looking through my stash or adding to it...

The Weekend

It was a nice weekend, but rainy. I worked Saturday afternoon, attended my niece's trunk party in the evening. So, no sewing was accomplished. My intention to change the zipper in my sister's slacks was dashed because I did not look at what type of zipper was already there. It was an invisible zipper but had a regular zipper ready to go. Oh well, I did buy one during the weekend, so the delay shouldn't be too long, hehehe. We went to Joann's after church today (my daughter and I) to check out the Simplicity 99 cent sale. I got these 4 patterns in spite of the fact that I'd told myself I would not add more patterns to my stash. I got 3624, 3775, 3867 (I've wanted for awhile, but the stores never had it in my size) and then 3631 which is the subject of the latest Sew Stylish Magazine and also on many blogs.

I need to do a major overhaul of my fall/winter wardrobe anyway, and this might be the perfect pattern to do that. Now, I've had the magazine for over a week, but had not a chance to read it thoroughly. But after seeing so many great comments, I will be carrying mine around as well... Have a great week!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

One-Third Done...

I managed to finish the hems for the two jumpers that are needed next week! Today, I'll replace that zipper in my sister's slacks. So much for doing everything in one sitting.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Alterations Fun!

Yes, I agreed to do some alterations and I have let them pile up. So now I must do them because one of my clients said they need theirs by next week, hahaha, and it is one of the easiest jobs to do. Let out the hem! But I procrastinate! I am thinking that I will sit down this evening and re-do the hems, put a new zipper in my sister's slacks that I've had for probably two months! I'm surprised she hasn't reminded me, LOL. The most time consuming project will be the jackets that I took in a few weeks ago. When people ask me about doing their alterations, they always say, 'Oh, whenever you get to it", and I smile and say "OK". One thing about getting it all done is the motivation to complete everything (if possible) so I can start sewing something new!

Monday, August 13, 2007


My mom decided to give me some sewing notions, etc. Here's just a small sampling of what she gave me. She says she won't be sewing except for repairing a button or hem. I'm really grateful to get this because you know how it is if you're sewing late at night and you decide to cover buttons or you forgot a zipper or something just to complete that project! Thanks mother!

What I've Been Doing-2nd Part

This is the Neue Mode top, but I decided at the last minute to take off the tabs that would have gathered the sides a bit. So it's a simple tank style top, and the skirt is like those circle skirts. I wore this to church yesterday and received many compliments!

This is another simple skirt I whipped up, that looks pink on the picture but is actually a coral shade (to me it is), but anyway, it has sequins throughout. I think I might wear a white top with this. But guess what, I don't have a white top. No blouse, no tanks, nothing. Hmmm!

I'm not too sure about this one, but my daughter likes it, and it looks summery. It is comfortable. I thought about shortening the skirt (it looks like I'm barefoot) hahahaha. But that's not why I was considering shortening the skirt, it just seems like it was too much with the top being long and full and then the skirt being long. We shall see...

Friday, August 10, 2007

What I've Been Working On...

My unfinished projects were piling up so I decided to try and make a dent in the pile. Some things are still trying to be UFOs hahahahahaha! But I have made some progress. So far: V8371 in a print from my fabric stash.
And Neue Mode avantgarde /22784V The green top and the skirt from Simplicity 4990 View D in a turquoise linen w/sequined flowers throughout the fabric. And another skirt NL 6332 in a light coral again with sequins sprinkled throughout . All of these and other items are very simple sewing projects to finish up before the summer season is over. It's still warm and probably for another 6-7 weeks, maybe a bit longer. Pictures to come.