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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Navy Blue Embroidered Fabric

Below, this fabric is shown on the wrong side, which is why I first picked it up. As I was looking for more fabrics, I noticed the "other side" as you see in this photo. I purchased it anyway although I don't know if I really like the print within the embroided design. My original idea was to embellish with beads or sequins. However, the fabric will go in my stash and I will revisit come next spring.

More fabrics.

Yesterday I attended a wedding which was very nice. Afterwards, I went back to Joann's. There was a small checkered fabric that I left there the other day. It was calling my name which is why I went back. The other fabrics in this photo wanted to come with me too. hehe

The actual jacket in the photo was in the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago. I had torn it out to put in my "want to make next" file. Then, when I was at Joann's I saw the checks. I will have to look into my pattern stash for something similar to that jacket.


I finished McCalls 4093, jacket view, last night. It had been cut out for awhile and I'd started working on it earlier this week. It was very easy to construct. I'll most likely wear it with black tops, skirts or slacks. It will be nice to wear when the weather really begins to cool down.

A couple of up close photos of the details. The button closure is a fabric loop, and there is an opening on the lower back portion which is topstitched as well as all around the jacket neck & front edges, the hem of the jacket and the sleeves.
More UFOs to complete.

New Fabrics

Here are fabrics I picked up Thursday afternoon at Joann's. My daughter and I met up during her break before parent/teacher conference. These fabrics are for tops/blouses except the yellow.
I found a solid white for a blouse since I recently realized I didn't have any in my wardrobe.
Now the yellow is an embroidered linen. that I just may whip up for now and wear with a shrug since we are still having 80 degree temperatures. And maybe I'll take it with me when I go to ATL in a couple of weeks! hmmm
All the patterns pictured here were already in my stash.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is the jacket and skirt made from Vogue 2976. I really like the skirt. I finished the seams with my serger, and there is lots of topstitiching on the jacket. Overall, it was easy to construct. The top underneath was made several years ago from another Vogue pattern. I wore this last Sunday and received many compliments. I know I should have had the photo with me in the outfit, LOL!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Fabrics

Hi all.

This is fabric I purchased from Walmart last weekend. The animal print is a polyester, which will be a blouse. The solid is like moleskin, but the info on the end of the bolt just said polyester. It will be a skirt. Now in this photo, the fabrics don't match. In real life, they coordinate very well. There was some really cute fabrics there but I kept myself under control and only bought these two pieces. I might go back though, hehehe! I know I still need to post pictures of the last project...

Thursday, September 20, 2007

These are the latest patterns I picked up from McCalls:

And New Look 6736

Hancocks has McCalls for 99 cents through September 23. Their new sale brochure is up on their site. I will get the following:
M5527 for my daughter.
I've completed V2976 (photo to come) It came together fairly easy, but there were problems at the beginning after applying the button loops. The sewing instructions were to apply the loops to the "wrong" side of the fabric front, make a 5/8" narrow hem, and then turn the loops out and edgestitch the front opening on the "right" side of the fabric.
1. I did not like the look after flipping the loops out.
2. It was too bulky and the loops were going to be so small, there would be problems pushing the buttons through.
After taking it apart a couple of times and going over the pattern instructions, I did it my way, which was much easier and less bulk.
There is a single-layer lapel collar and lots of topstitching all over the jacket. There are no facings, thus no interfacing is used. Several years ago, I read about the single-layer collar application in a Threads magazine article.
The skirt was super easy so I completed it first. I don't know that I'd make the jacket again perhaps in a different fabric. The skirt, yes!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I am almost finished with this blouse. It's Simplcity 4586. I thought I had buttons for this, but that's not the case. This is how some projects become UFO's but I don't intend for that to happen. I didn't make the sleeves like those in the pattern. Mine are just straight and plain. This was quick and easy to make and will have buttons by the weekend.

What I'm Working On

I am currently sewing this Vogue pattern. I've just about completed the skirt, (it's very easy) and then I'll work on the jacket to complete by the weekend.

These fabrics are from Fashion Fabrics Club last week except the top piece. They are all rayon prints. I may make one for now, but the rest will wait until next spring/summer.

Here is one of blouses I completed last week.
A New Look pattern. I don't have the number handy. This came together fairly easy. I had to change a few details and I plan to wear it with a print skirt that has this color in it. Both of these fabrics were in my stash. I want to use the stash for most of my upcoming projects.

The season is changing as evident in our temperatures the past couple of days. Also, my photos look okay. I will get better with focusing, lighting, and taking pictures of details up close. I did but they were kind of fuzzy. Until next time!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week. The holiday was very nice and relaxing. It was my birthday as well and I went to my daughter's house and we all played in the pool. I got a new camera for my birthday!. I'm so excited because my daughter would take the pictures and send them to me, etc. But now! So once I figure out how to upload or download , I'll be posting more pictures. I have been sewing also, using fabrics from my stash and finishing a couple of things that coordinate with what's already in my wardrobe. Received some new fabrics from Fashion Fabrics Club, that may be for next spring/summer sewing, but a couple of the pieces could be used for early fall sewing. Have a great weekend!