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Saturday, November 29, 2008

I hope everyone has been enjoying their long Thanksgiving weekend!
Not much sewing happening this weekend so far, but here is something to share. It is OOP McCalls 4978. It's a wardrobe pattern that has a jacket in two lengths, a top, skirt and pants. The jacket has princess seams, collar and long two-piece sleeves. The skirt is straight with back slit. Both jacket and skirt are lined. I have had this cut out for over a year and one day decided to sew it up! I don't know why I waited so long because it was not difficult at all, LOL. The fabirc is an unknown but I renenber that I did have it awhile before I cut it prior to its aging in a nice folded stack. It looks like a knit that does not stretch. But it will be a warm addition to my wardrobe because tomorrow's forecast calls for snow!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I know! My blog is not updated. I've been busy in this and that. My current sewing project is a suit that has been cut out over a year! I decided last week to just go ahead and sew it. I have another project in the same category but at least it was started partially. I have lots to catch up on as far posting as Pattern Review. Maybe that second project will be for one of the upcoming contests for 2009 since there are other things I'd like to sew besides UFOs.
And my last post about the weather, well... It has cooled off tremendously and we've had snow, not like Indiana though! Not yet at least. LOL

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Weather

I just wanted to mention that we are all so thrilled that our weather is absolutely gorgeous! No coats & boots and it's NOVEMBER!!! We will enjoy it while it's here!
But while I'm typing this, the weather is on and Tom Skilling says we could have snow in two weeks! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

My Latest Top!

S3624 View B is made from a two-way stretch knit fabric I purchased from Walmart earlier this year. I started to take the easy way out and just make the plain sleeves, but decided to go ahead and make the elastic casings on the bottom outer using bias tape and the seam sides where the seam allowance is used to make the casing. I'm glad I did! This was a fast project to complete!

Alana's Yellow Dress

This Project Runway inspired pattern has lots of options for little girls. S2989
with bodice and skirt variations, I used the sleeves with tie ends, the bodice with a center tab (no buttons) and a band on the skirt bodice. The fabric is a cotton jacquard print that I had in my fabric collection which was leftover from a project I agreed to make for someone else a couple years ago.
So here's Alana in the dress this past Sunday at church!