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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thanks for all the wonderful comments from my recent posts. Thank you all that take the time to read my blog! I've been doing this for just over two years and I am amazed I've been able to keep up, LOL!
I received a question from Maz who asked about when to apply the interfacing to McCalls 5883:
maz said...
hiya. these tops look great, and so professional! i am a complete novice and this pattern is my first challenge. would u mind advising me? am i supposed to attach the interfacing, then line/cover this in the same material as the top, on the inside, or just attach the interfacing? many, many thanks. maz

In answer to your question, yes, attach the interfacing to the facing piece that you've cut from your fashion fabric. Follow the instructions on the guidesheet and with right sides together, you will sew your interfaced fabric piece which is your front & back facings to the neckline of the front/back of your top. Trim your seam (not too close to your stitching) and then clip the seams. View the guidesheet illustrations and it should give you an idea where to clip. Again being careful not to clip into your stitches. You're almost done!! Hope this helps. Let me know how it turns out and if you have anymore concerns. Good Luck & Happy Sewing!