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Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Look 6130

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday.  Again I have not kept up in updating my blog.  Just doing a lot of other things and having to figure out a few technical issues on my part.

I have been sewing a little and finally showing this outfit. It was a very easy project. I've worn it twice and I have to say it's very comfortable.  I used a moleskin from Joann's that's been in my fabric collection for quite awhile.  

The pattern was pretty much sewn straight from the envelope. That is rare for me.  But the only thing I changed was adding length to the sleeves so they're three-quarter length.   It looks like the pattern  except for that.  Sorry no picture of me wearing it but I received many compliments.  

There's not a lot to say about this except I will probably sew it again.  This project did help me kick start my sewing because I had not sewn much at all since the quick and easy things I made for vacation back in July.  Also, I ordered a few patterns from Club BMV during their out of print clearance for 99 cents. Including Vogue and Kwik-Sew!  Looking forward to receiving that package.

There are many projects I'd like to work on in the near future and will do my best to keep updating frequently.  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Is Here!

IMG_0053Hello Everyone!  I have been absent from sewing and updating the blog.     The time goes by so quickly and the next thing you know here we are in a new season.  I have not sewn anything since July for my two trips.   I always feel I am not ready no matter what the season change is.  Again I feel this way. I came down to my sewing area Saturday night thinking I'd cut NL 6130 but instead I see the dress and jacket I made in July. It was too warm for it then, but now it will be perfect. I did not add the buttons in July because I decided not to take it on the trip.  So this is what I wore for church yesterday.  I'm glad I went downstairs.  Oh by the way, this is an OOP McCalls 4930.  Its a Palmer/Pletsch Classic Fit dress and jacket.  I thought I had a photo of the pattern, But not at the moment, I can't locate.  Next time.  .   

Sunday, July 22, 2012

M6073 & M6074

As promised, here are the two missing dresses that were supposed to be in the previous post:
104_1019             104_0999
McCalls 6073 Another quick project.  This knit came from    This one came together quickly.  I made a longer version from this pattern last year in Faye's stitch up a dress sew-alongs.  

McCalls 6074  This is one easy dress to sew up.  The pattern label entices you with "1 Hour Dress" and I have to say, it doesn't disappoint.  If you cut out & sew all in one session, you might be able to pull that off.  I usually don't rush because I always take my time.

The fabric is a jersey stretch knit print from Chicago Textile Outlet.  I've made this dress twice before and will again I'm sure.  Not much to say because it's so easy to do.  It is perfectly comfortable for the 100 degree temps they are promising us for tomorrow.
Right now, I am working on two jackets, one with a dress the other with a skirt to take on a trip where I will be in a freezing convention center.  McCalls Palmer/Pletsch 4930 OOP & Butterick 3638 OOP.  Couldn't find pictures to link but will have for you to see when I review each project.
Until then Happy Sewing!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Look What I've Been Sewing!

Hello Everyone! 
I know it's been a good long while since I posted anything.  But I have lots to show for my absence.  I do appreciate all of you who stop by and probably wonder what's up.  Here's all my sewing projects since May.   Most were made in a day or two.   For some reason, it was difficult to get all the pictures and the pattern numbers together.  I've got them lined up in an easy to view order hopefully. I've listed below the pictures the pattern numbers for each and a brief description.

Most all of the fabrics were in my stash.  That's a good thing and I think it helped in how quickly I was able to put things together and not having to take out time shopping.

104_1001 Untitled

1st Row
1. Turquoise dress   Butterick 5212.  I could not find this on their site.  I think it's OOP.
2 & 3 Print tops  McCalls 6510, View B.  These were super quick and easy!!

2nd Row
1. Turquoise dress (I like turquoise)  Butterick 5638 View D
2.  White top McCalls 2809 OOP.  Another super easy project.
3.  Blue dress - crinkle fabric.  New Look 6125  View B w/o the pockets

3rd Row
1.  Yellow lightweight crepe Simplicity 1810 I saw this pattern on one of Toy's pattern review videos.  Had to have it.
2.  Knit print top McCalls 6120 OOP I think this one only took about a yard of fabric
3.  Cotton Print Tunic - This is a Simplicity pattern that I could not find when I went to my sewing area to get the number.  I'm sure all pattern collectors like me have this one.    

4th Row
City shorts and print skirt Simplicity 3845 The gray pair is from a mystery fabric from the stash.  The orange and pink are poplin from Chicago Textile that was not in the stash for very long

I just realized that two more dresses are missing from this post.  Those will be in the next one which I will go on and complete now.  It took only four days to finish this post.  :)

Please note:  When I looked at the preview, the first three pictures do not appear as they did during editing.  So hopefully, everyone can see what I tried to describe.

Monday, May 14, 2012

McCall's 6434 Dress

Happy Belated Mother's Day!  I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
This is my mother's day dress.  I always like to have something new to wear and I finished this up late Saturday night.  
Here are the details of the dress:
MISSES'/MISSES' PETITE DRESSES: Loose-fitting dress has raglan sleeves and midriff. A,B: 3 piece sleeves and front pockets. A:purchase trim applied to middle sleeve and midriff. C: side seam pockets.
Fabric:  Metro Suiting from purchased in 2011.  To me, the black fabric didn't have the same feel as the royal.  But it all worked out.  
It looks just like the pattern, View C.  I did not change anything except to add length to the dress and leave off the inside pockets.  
I like the style and fit.  I might make it again but in one of the other views.
It was quick and easy to sew.  I highly recommend this pattern to others. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BMV Mail

If you're a member of the BMV Club (Butterick, McCalls & Vogue), then you probably read about the sale last week.  I only ordered four patterns I think it was Friday night and they arrived in Monday's mail.  V8808M6510M6559 and M6554 a Fashion Star design.  Does anyone watch this show?   It was great that these went on sale when they did.  I'd gone to Joann's to buy all but the Vogue, which had just came out on the website, maybe on the same day I found out about the sale.  But for the first time that I can remember, this Joann's had none of these during their 99 cents sale.  Usually I have no problems finding what I want.  One of the store clerks said it was unbelievable, but the customers were there buying lots of patterns in this particular store location.  Thank goodness for BMV.

Also to venture out from the Big 4, the BMV Club now offers its members a 15% discount on all Marfy patterns.  Of course, I've been stalking the Marfy site but never ordered anything.  Since there's now an added incentive, I thought I'd order a couple.  The yellow tunic is one of the new releases.  The jacket I've had my eye on for quite some time.
Mind you, these patterns do not come in a pattern envelope and there are no descriptions or instructions.  I haven't unfolded them yet.  But look at how compact they are.  I printed the pictures of each to have something to go by.   These came in Tuesday's mail.  

I am expecting another pattern.  This time from Hot Patterns.  This was my first purchase from them.  Another "sale".  I've seen this one on several blogs and I like it too.  HP-1136
So that's my pattern shopping fix for the month.   I have a Groupon to use at Chicago Textiles Outlet.  My daughter will help me use that one.  We have to plan a special day to go since they aren't open on Saturdays.  
Happy Sewing!

B5720 Jacket Complete

B5720 View C
Just wanted to show the completed Jacket and skirt.  Sorry there are no pictures of me in it.  I wore it to church Sunday and received many compliments.  Here are the details:

Pattern Description:  Loose-fitting,lined jacket has self ruffles, shoulder pads, princess seams, softly gathered sleeve cap with two sleeve options and snap closing.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope:  Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow:  Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I like the ruffles and the easy styling.

Fabric used:  Not sure, but it is possibly a rayon.  It was easy to work with.  I bought it at a Joann's sale last year.  I think this color is referred to as "celadon".  

Pattern alterations or any design changes:   None

Would you sew it again?  Would you recommend it to others?  I might make View B.  It's the pink version above.  I do recommend to others.

Conclusion:  This pattern has snap closures.  This was an easy to sew pattern and I think it would look great with a skirt or slacks.  
Completed 2 pc. suit on dress form.  
The skirt is mention in the previous post.  It's a straight skirt with back zipper and slit from OOP V1330.    It is lined and has darts on the front and back and has a waistband.  I'm sure I'll be using that one again for future skirts.

Next up:  a color block dress from McCalls.
Happy Sewing!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Current Project: B5720

photoOOP Vogue 1330 again.  The skirt is done except the hem and the stitching of the lining around the zipper.

photoB5720,  loose-fitting jacket needs the lining and the snap closures. 

Simplicity 2263 Jacket & A Straight Skirt(Vogue)

S2263 Jacket
Epaulet on shoulder (not a great pic)

Up close of the pockets and sleeve tabs.


S2263 is a Misses/Miss Petite jacket, top & two styles of skirts.  I made the jacket from this pattern.

Pattern Description:  Jacket with shoulder epaulets, sleeve tabs, back tabs, all with buttons.  The pockets are pleated with bands.  Pattern does not suggest lining the jacket, but I did.  (I line everything)  The collar is all one piece.  It has a simulated notch collar, but there is no seam.  
Fabric: I'm not sure, but it came from Joann's.
Did it look like the pattern pictured:  Yes
What did you like or dislike?  I liked the pattern and it came together smoothly.  Except the collar ripples a bit (maybe not the right word to describe it) but it could be caused by the type of fabric.  It did not appear like that on both sides though.
Would you sew it again?  Probably not the jacket.  Maybe some of the other pieces from the pattern.
Would you recommend it?  Yes if you like lots of tab & shoulder epaulet details.
Conclusion:   If you want quick & easy, this is not it.  But it is easy sewing where there are lots of details to take care of before actually sewing the body of the jacket.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Brocade Skirt - V1330

photoI've always wanted a brocade skirt and finally decided to pick some up at one of the Joann's sales.  
Pattern:  Vogue 1330 - very OOP.  It's an Emanuel Ungaro Vogue Paris Original, not on their website. 
Pattern Description for the skirt:  Semi-fitted straight, lined skirt, above mid-knee has back button waistband, and back zipper and hem-line slit.
Fabric Used:  Brocade. As you can see, it has paisley throughout the fabric with various golds & wine color.
Was there anything you liked or disliked about the pattern:  Not at all.  It was an easy sew skirt. 
Would you sew it again or recommend to others?  Yes I will sew this again.  I am sure some of you have this in your pattern stash.  I never made the jacket, but I think I will soon.
Conclusion:  I am loving the jacket on this pattern (again).  I think I will put this on my list of "to do" soon.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Am Back!

I bought a new computer today!!
Yay!  If it had not been for my husband pushing me, I would not have gone to the store to even look for one.  And how about this.  My husband doesn't know how to use a computer.  So glad we did and now I can get back to some of my favorite online things.
On the sewing front, I have missed reading the blogs.  I could read a little at work but not as extensively as I would at home,  And I have several sewing projects to blog about.  So there is some catching up to do.
This computer is SO nice.  LOL!  I plan to attend the class next week because this totally different than what I'm accustomed to and I don't want to miss anything.  Right now, I'm going back to the sewing machine to finish up a skirt.  See ya soon!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My computer has crashed at home.  We haven't done anything about it, LOL.  Since I have access here at work, there seems not to be a rush.  But soon I hope to take care of that issue.  The Vogue jacket I talked about in the previous post is complete.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to download the software for my camera here so I can show photos.  In the meantime, I'll be sewing and enjoying all the other blogs.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Plans for V1274

V1274I've been working on V1274  for what seems like a long time. (Over two weeks maybe)  Just a little sewing here and there.  But this will be the weekend I finish this up.  I'm making View A (the short version).
Can't really say why I haven't been focused on this project.  I really like it and can't wait to be done.
I've seen lots of inspiration on the   blogs that I follow.  But I have spring fever.  Most of my winter sewing plans will have to wait since there's no way I could finish up everything.  But it's all good because this season I did not cut out too many things ahead of when I could sew.  At the rate I've been going on this top, I'm glad there won't be a large stack of UFOs to face each time I go to my sewing area.  In one of the recent BMV sales, I bought at least five patterns for my granddaughter and  will want to sew up some things for her.

Until next time, Happy Sewing.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Butterick 5531-Jacket

Here's my review of the jacket.  Butterick 5531.  I used Vogue 8464 for the skirt.  The blouse is Vogue 1127 which was reviewed last year.
Pattern Description:  Semi-fitted, hip length, lined jackets A, B, C have French darts top-stitched in place, topstitch trim. A: patch pockets. A, B: front button closing. C: no closures. 

Pattern Sizing:  BB(8-10-12-14), FF(16-18-20-22) 

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes 

Were the instructions easy to follow?  Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?  I love the collar, the top-stitch details for the darts. 

Fabric Used:  Stretch Bengaline from

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I did not make any changes.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?  I'll probably sew this jacket again in a different fabric.  Yes I do recommend to others.

Conclusion: While I do like the pattern, it was the fabric that I am not pleased with.  I've had this fabric paired with the pattern for many months.  I knew the fabric had a hint of stretch, but once I started sewing the jacket, it seemed like it had more than just a hint.  I wore this to church and it appeared to be okay afterwards which is when the photos were taken.  I decided to wear again Monday evening to a meeting. During the construction process, I feared the fabric would begin to stretch out some from sitting when worn.  After arriving home, I've decided to find another fabric for this pattern which should be an easy task.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Thanks for the compliments on the top and skirt.  I love bright color during the winter months because most days, the sun is behind the clouds.

For this photo, I used S2560 to make a quick cardigan a few weekends ago.  The knit print fabric came from Joann's.  My daughter reminded me that I had this pattern and it would make up quickly with only the two yards of fabric that I purchased. It's View D with the sleeves cut a bit longer from View A.  Plan to wear with top and slacks for work.

Currently, I'm working on a jacket & skirt.  The jacket is B5531 and the skirt is from the Vogue pattern mentioned in the previous post.  The fabric is a stretch bengaline from It's been in my fabric collection for maybe a year.  Last night as I was pressing darts in the jacket, I noticed that this fabric seemed to have more stretch than I thought.  I hope it will wear well once complete.  I think I would have chosen a different garment for this fabric.  This should be finished by the weekend so I'll have pictures to show.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello everyone,                                                                
It's been almost a month since my last post.  Just can't seem to get going with the blog posting.   Hope your new year is off to a great start.                                                                               
On to sewing.  Here is the last project for 2011.  Top from B5355, the skirt is  V8464.  The print fabric came from the Chicago Textile Outlet as I helped my daughter use her Groupon, LOL  The skirt fabric was leftover from a long time ago.  It's funny I can remember this.  But we purchased several pieces of textured crepe before it was called  It worked well for jackets, skirts and slacks.  I lined the skirt although the pattern doesn't call for it.  It's a straight skirt with darts on the front & back.  It has a centered back zipper and narrow waistband.  I like this skirt and have made it twice so far.  The pattern I've had for over a year perhaps.  And the top is a loose-fitting pullover and sash with full-length raglan sleeves.  The neckline has bias tape that I made from the fabric.  I wore this on New Year's Day.  It was comfortable to wear but I think I will most likely shorten the sleeves just a bit.