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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UFO Completed

Another UFO completed! This lightweight coat has been hanging around my sewing area for a couple of years, I am sad to say. So last night when I decided to complete the few steps needed to make it wearable, I wondered why I didn't just do it before. All it needed was the buttonholes and the hem! That's it. To justify the delay, I guess that maybe the weather got too warm for it and I figured I'd finish it for when the weather cooled off for that particular year. it! LOL
OOP Butterick 3033 an easy pattern to sew. A loose-fitting, partially lined, a-lined jacket above knee with collar, collar-band, fly button closure, pockets and long-sleeves with button cuffs and a belt (which I didn't make). I think the fabric is like a boucle. This will be great to wear on cool days, when Spring comes... Have a great day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Recycled Project!

I thought I could make one of the short jackets from this McCalls out of the dress & swing jacket that had been in my closet for several years. Funny how you'd think that since there was a lot of fabric (well it seemed that way) in that swing jacket, I could make the jacket. I even thought I could make one of the longer ones! HAHA!! No Way!! And then I figured I'd be able to have at least a skirt from the dress.

After going thru at least five patterns, I finally came upon this Butterick 4690 to make the jacket.

It was lots of work to completely take the jacket AND dress apart! I used every piece to make the new jacket. Even the facings that were on the original jacket was used to reinforce the hems of the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket. I am well pleased with the outcome and will wear this tonight to a meeting I have to attend. I'll post a review on Pattern Review as my entry to the Recycle-Reconstruction contest.

The Award!

I would like to thank Angelia and Christy for the nomination of this award! I saw this circulating on another blog just last week! So now I have to do the following:
1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate 7 other bloggers.
4. Link to those on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominated.
I would like to nominate these ladies:
Susan at Knitter's Delight
Ms. Mica at Sewnista In The Making
Angela of RiAnge Creations
Kat at Phat Chick Designs
Adrienne of Real Life: Live & Unscripted
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All of these blogs inspire me and I usually don't leave a comment. But I always stop by just to check out what they are making.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Completed Projects!

The next two skirts were completed before this past weekend. Blogger was not cooperative for me to download my photos and I just got another chance today. This skirt from Simplicity 3962 is semi-fitted on the front/back top sections and has a flounce attached. It was very easy to make. The skirt pattern has two lengths and the waist is finished with bias ribbon or binding.
Next was Butterick 4618, a semi-fitted straight skirt with back zipper & slit. I found this one already cut out between some old magazines!!! Don't know how it got there! LOL
The other skirt I planned to make will probably be thrown out. I don't like the fabric and it is not worth the time. No wonder it has been folded up waiting to be sewn. What was I thinking! HAHA! Something else could have been done with that, but I don't know what. Oh well. On to the next thing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Am Back!

Back to sewing! YAY! Thanks again for all the well wishes!
Now, I'm working on the UFO contest at Pattern Review. For starters, I have four skirts that were cut out and ready to sew but I never did anything. I don't know why. There's a Vogue pattern suit that I've had laying around for a few years I am sad to admit. Then, there is a lightweight coat that will be perfect for when we get Spring weather again. All it needs is the buttonholes redone and hemmed! And, there is a couple other pieces that I could work on. This is one of the skirts, New Look 6628.

If that's not enough to keep me busy this month, I also have one or two items I want to put in the Refashion, Recycle contest. I love animal prints and I've had a swing jacket and dress
hanging in my closet for probably five years or longer. It's in perfect condition. (These aren't too good pictures) I wore it a few times years ago but decided all that animal print was too much for that outfit so it's just been hanging out in there until I figured it must be enough fabric in that swing jacket to make something else. I even have scraps left from this project, but I may not use them still. So far, I've taken the swing jacket apart. It was sewn & serged ever so neatly! I have a McCalls pattern that I want to use. As for the dress, I will take it apart and make a skirt and maybe even a tank top, each to be worn with other pieces (solid colors), probably not for the contest. I just had another though about the dress while reading this post. We will see how my schedule goes.
I have another non-sewing project that will take a big chunk of time this month and I've agreed to be an assistant for my director in my other business on a very part time basis. So my plate is full. But I like to keep busy, LOL
Happy Sewing!