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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Too Close to Call-They Look Alike!

The top photo is Iman Global Chic Colorblock Dress for $89.95 on and below is Butterick 5522. Very close! A couple years ago, someone in blogland made a very similar dress. I just thought this was interesting. It just goes to show how fashion comes around again and again.

Monday, November 1, 2010

M6129 is Done!

M6120 View C & D. I wanted sleeves in this and I liked the self-drape from View D. All the tops are the same except for variations for the armholes and in the length. I chose the tunic length. The front has pleats and a midriff. You can see the midriff and the drape in the second photo. I used the long-sleeve version since the temps have changed dramatically here. There is a center back seam. The fabric is from Joanns. It's a stretch knit that I've seen made up on several blogs. This was an easy project. I started on Saturday night and finished up Sunday night. I'm sure I'll make this one again probably the sleeveless version for next summer. And I recommend for a quick and easy project. See you next time!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gifts in the Mail!

I want to thank Ruta for such a beautiful gift of sewing magazines. A few I'd never heard of before. I won't have to buy another pattern!
And for a beautiful silk scarf and lovely card for my birthday. I've had so much fun looking at all the sewing projects I want to do! But I am going to calm down so I can choose something to work on because I know all of you who read my blog will want to see something, right, LOL
Thank you again Ruta.

Finally Finished V8317

Finally, I can show you OOP Vogue 8317. It's been complete for a few days. So here it is.

Pattern Description:
Misses/Misses Petite Top, Belt & Skirt. Fitted, lined top with shawl collar, long sleeves, contrast peplum (I used the same fabric for the peplum) with bias bound edges and front button closures. Belt has hook & eye closures, purchased decorative buckle. Lined skirt has darts, back zipper closure, back flounce, waistband with hook/eye closure.
Pattern Sizing:
AA(6-8-10-12), EE(14-16-18-20)
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? yes
Were the instructions easy to follow? yes
Fabric Used: Not sure, it's been in my collection for years. I do remember getting it from Fashion Fabrics Club back in the day, LOL. I think it may be a poly damask, but just not sure of the exact name.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: The patterns calls for lace as a contrast for the peplum. I used the same fabric for the peplum and I liked the binding effect that you can see on the edge in the pattern photo. I did not follow the pattern guidesheet instructions for that.
skirt back with flounce
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I probably won't sew this again, but I do recommend it if you've had it in your collection like me, LOL. It's still available on Vogue's website.
Conclusion: I've had this pattern for several years and have always rotated it back and forth to the drawer and then back out among my next to sew. I almost forgot to mention that I couldn't find any cute buckles at Joann's. I did find the buttons there and used the smaller ones for the belt area, just for now! LOL! The pattern is rated easy. A beginner may feel intimidated because of the lining and some of the instructions may seem too much. But I think if someone wanted this suit, they'd be very happy with the results.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Suit Progress

Still working on the Vogue suit, just taking my time. It's not a difficult sewing project. I'm doing a little each evening. Last night I worked on adding the binding to the peplum before it's attached to the rest of the jacket. I don't like how it's turning out. I know why though. It's because of the fabric. So this evening I'll take it off and do it the way I should have in the first place, not the way the pattern guidesheet suggests.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Textile Discount Warehouse

To cas: Textile Discount Outlet is located at 2121 W. 21st Street in Chicago. It's about 2 blks west of Damen and north of Cermak or 22nd Street. The first time we went we took Cermak all the way over off of I-94. This time we got off at Damen from I-55 and drove north to 21st and took a left. It was faster that way. Street parking is available and a very small parking lot is located to the east of the building. The hours are listed on their website, which is under development. It is
My four-year old granddaughter came with us yesterday. My daughter told her she would not be coming anymore, LOL! She wanted to run through the rows of fabric. It's not that type of place (what fabric store is). When we went downstairs, it smells kinda musty. It is an old warehouse. Besides apparel fabrics, they also have upholstery fabrics, loads & loads of trim. There's sewing notions & accessories like belt buckles, buttons & zippers. So have fun.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Working On V8317

Sorry I've been away from the blog. The break that I took from the sewing machine lasted much longer than planned. I'm working on this OOP V8317, using a fabric from my collection. I hope to have complete by this weekend. Below is the back of the skirt. It has a flounce and center back zipper. That's all the work I've done so far.

Today, my daughter and I went to Textile Discount Warehouse. It's been over four years since we were there because today we had a four year old with us. I didn't take any pictures but we went through the whole store and decided that we could have just stayed on the main floor rather than risk walking the steep steps to the upper and lower levels. We each bought only one piece of fabric. To me, it's a bit overwhelming. A lot of their stuff isn't even marked, but you can be sure, they know the price. My daughter really wanted to go there because we'd just seen a segment on 190North, which is a Chicago show that talks about things to do & see in and around the city. Anyway, their prices are good and if you have specific projects in mind, you'll be able to find something to take back home. I bought a black & white print that I haven't photographed yet. Will show soon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Is On The Way

The latest copy of the Vogue Patterns magazine arrived last week. After looking it over several times to decide what could be on the list of possible purchases, this blouse seemed very familiar. I checked the line drawings and thought, this is it! Off to the stash to find the pattern and here it is. I've had it for maybe six or seven years. Exact same pattern except for the number. This is one to knock off the list.

Here are two of pieces I picked up a couple weeks ago to kick off my fall sewing.The left piece is black with white floral designs to make B5529 view C and the knit on the right is for M6120 view D but with the long sleeves from view C.
I've taken a few days off from the sewing machine and will probably get back to it this weekend.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Somehow it always happens. I used to sew for others and even accepted alteration jobs. I stopped long ago even though I'll fix a hem or zipper every now and then for someone. But yesterday after church and as I carried the bag with the little girl uniforms I hemmed the night before, someone else is calling out, "Jackie here's the dress can you have this done by Tuesday!!!!" So I'm giving her the 'what are you talking about, why didn't you call me before now ' stare. She blamed her daughter for whom the alteration is for anyway and she's looking like ooh I hope she'll do it. It's a formal gown that needs taken in on the bodice sides. The girl is so tiny. Anyway, long story short, I hope to do that later this afternoon. But before I could even look at the dress, someone else stops me to discuss taking in a halter top that's too big. I said yes, I'll do it. I guess the only reason I agree to do these types of alterations is because they are simple ones to me. Of course people who don't sew can't see there is a lot of work involved to make it look like you bought it in the perfect size to fit you off the rack. "All it needs is taken in here and that's it." HAHA, What do they know! Also if I wanted to do more alterations on the side, I guess it could happen in a heartbeat because the word gets around. Well wait until they get their bill. LOL Does this sound like venting. I'm not really upset or anything, I'm just saying LOL...
Have a great day!

My Birthday Gift

Friday was my birthday and my daughters gave me this for my gift! I haven't tried it out just yet, but I'm looking forward to using it. It's been a busy weekend. I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. We are relaxing big time around here. Nothing is going on. My husband is taking a nap and I'm watching QVC and playing around on the comptuer.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

M6114 Is Done!

This dress was complete the other day. I accidentally erased one of the pictures. Here is the info on this one.
Pattern Description: MISSES' DRESS IN THREE LENGTHS: Pullover, “V” neckline empire dresses A, B, C, D, E have elasticized casing, armhole facing and front neck band trim variations; dresses A, B, C, D lengths are above mid-knee; dresses B, C, D have contrast neckbands; dress E is ankle length.
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like the various lengths and the gemstone treatment for the neckline.
Fabric Used: Rayon print from my daughter's fabric stash.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: None
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes
Conclusion: The gemstones used were purchased at Joann's before knowing what I'd actually use them for. They are nice and sparkly. Although that part was time consuming to sew, I see that I need to move one of the stone, LOL I also had to mark the casing line several times but it was the fabric not taking the color of the tracing paper. But all in all, it was easy to sew and I might sew it again next year in a longer length.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dress & Jacket Butterick 5460

B5460 was done the week before. But I'd had not sewn the button or buttonhole on the jacket until this past Sunday morning and decided to wear it to church. We just returned from church when this photo was taken. So sorry for the wrinkles. Here is my review:
Pattern Description: MISSES'/MISSES' PETITE JACKET AND DRESS: Loose-fitting, unlined jackets A, B and fitted dress C with belt. A: below waist length. B: 1" below mid-knee and front pockets. C: darts, back zipper closure, 1" above mid-knee length, belt has purchased buckle

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Nothing to dislike.

Fabric Used: An embroidered linen fabric from Joanns that's been in my fabric collection for several years.

Alterations or any design changes you made: I did not make any design changes or alterations except to add about an inch to the bottom of the top front/back bodice pieces and I lined the skirt portion of the dress.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I probably won't sew the dress, but I may sew the jacket again. I do recommend the pattern.

Conclusion: The dress has eight darts just on the front top bodice piece. A total of 22 for the entire dress. If you need to perfect sewing darts, this is a good project to get lots of practice. I liked the shape it gives an otherwise plain dress.
I am still working on M6114. It basically just needs the elastic casing and the hem and some slipstitching along the neckbands. Another B5147 is in the works too...

B5493 The Result of the Friday Night Sew-In

A cute top B5493 is my result for the FNSI. It was all I could handle on Friday night after a busy week of babysitting and working. So here's the review:
Pattern Description: MISSES' TOP: Fitted tops A, B, C, D have front darts, neckline variations, side slit openings and stitched hems
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes
Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? The fact that it has the various necklines to choose from and it's an easy sewing pattern.
Fabric Used: A sheer poly-print from Joann's.
Pattern Alterations or any design changes you made: I did not make any changes to the pattern. I didn't use bias tape for the armholes, just self-fabric trim.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes
Conclusion: I like this pattern and will make it up several more times. It took longer to complete than anticipated, but it was because I was getting tired. But because I knew that a few hundred others were up sewing too, I kept going and was able to complete the top.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Friday Night Sew-In

This was my first FNSI. I was prepared the night before by cutting out a top from B5493 View A and a dress using M6114 View C or D. My plan to start around 7:30 p.m. failed but I did manage to complete the top. The dress I'm going to sew this evening. Although there was a minor delay due to having to cut another neck facing, it was fun thinking about all the others who were participating in this sew-in. Hopefully I'll have both projects to show later this evening or tomorrow.
I am looking forward to the next sew-in.
I am technically done with warm weather sewing if you consider I don't have anything else cut out (except the dress) that is considered 'summer'. But my plans are to start a fall project (or two) during the upcoming holiday weekend.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


B5147 complete and already worn last weekend.
Here's the info:
Pattern Description: Easy/ Misses/Misses Petite jacket, top, dress and skirt. I made the dress View D. A-line dress has front and back darts, back zipper and mid-calf length. All garments are lined.
Pattern Sizing: Multi-sized 8-24
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes
Were the instructions easy to folllow? I did not use the guidesheet.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like the simplicity of this pattern and that I kept seeing it on other blogs. Seems like they were all having fun with this pattern so I decided to finally buy one for myself.
Fabric used: A polyester print from Joann's.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: This pattern calls for lining, but I did not want to line this dress. I traced facings for the neck opening and armholes using the pattern as a guide.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Most definitely will be sewing this again and I do recommend to others.
Conclusion: I think this is a great pattern. Don't know why I didn't buy this sooner, LOL!
This coming Friday, August 20th, I'll be participating in the Friday Night Sew In. It's a virtual sew-in I read about on someone's blog after the last one which took place in July. It sounds like everybody had a fun time. So that's what I'll be doing Friday night.
Also, I just want to take a moment and thank all of those who follow or just stop by and read my blog compliment my work. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


These are the most recent patterns from the 99 cent sales a few weeks ago. Others that I wanted were not available. I have noticed though, that I've been sewing from patterns that have been in my collection for awhile. But I plan on using these soon. Here's what I got:

Butterick 5415 - I like all the views of this dress. It could be a transitional dress for the season change. Depends on the fabric.
Butterick 5147 - I finally decided to buy this one because of Sheila, LOL I have a fabric for the a-lined dress, View D. After looking at the line drawings on the actual pattern, I can see why this pattern has so many options.
McCalls 6169 in 2 lengths -this may be the pattern I use to kick-off my fall sewing. It's easy to sew and will be great to complete an outfit if (when) the weather turns cool and you don't need a coat just yet.

Although I really don't like to think about cold weather, I know I should be prepared because it's coming. Ugh! LOL

Road Trip

My daughters, granddaughter and I just returned from our whirlwind trip. We stopped at several places along the way to Savannah, GA. There was no agenda except for those stops and we just had a really fun time. We stopped in Nashville, TN at Pancake Pantry to get a taste for ourselves because someone from our church recommended we go. It was very good! That's not my plate, btw, LOL
After our meal, we headed over to Textile Fabrics. They had a vast array of fabrics to choose from. I got the info on this one from Adrienne after reading her blog. I was very disciplined and didn't splurge on fabric, but I did manage to get one piece. I didn't take a lot of time to touch and feel everything, but their fabrics are beautiful and I hope to visit this store again.

In Savannah, of course we had to go check out Paula Deen's Lady & Sons.

The food was delicious, rich in flavor. Yum! Other stops were Tybee Island Beach, Hilton Head, SC, Piccadilly's and Gail K Fabrics in ATL on the way home. LOL ~ It was a great trip!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Won and A Couple Pattern Reviews

Last week before leaving to go out of town, I found out that I was the winner of Carolyn's giveaway for The Sewing Answer Book. I just had to acknowledge this amd I'm very excited!
Before we left, I had sewn up a few items. For this top I used a very lightweight linen fabric print from Joann's with Butterick 4800, View C. The sleeveless bodice has a v-neck in the front & back, is self-lined using the same fabric. The lower bodice is flared and machine hemmed.
The Pattern Description: Misses Tops, Hip length tops with self-
faced bodices and fabric ties. View A has bust pleats but the other views have darts and other options for the lower bodice i.e., tiered flounces or purchased trim and shaped hems.
Pattern Sizing: AA-6-8-10-12 & EE 14-16-18-20
Did it look like the pattern/drawing on the envelope once you were done sewing with it: Yes
Were the instructions easy to follow: Yes, but I only glanced at them.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern: This is one of the patterns I've had for awhile and never used until now. It always ended up put back in the pattern collection until the next season.
Fabric used: Lightweight rayon/linen type fabric print.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None,except I didn't add the ties.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes/Yes.
Conclusion: Again, I've always liked this pattern. This top was easy to make and carefree to wear.
For this dress I used New Look 6103. The fabric is one of the pieces from my first fabric purchase in six months. I don't think this pattern is still available as I couldn't find in on their site.
Pattern Description: Dress with bodice variations and flared skirt section, center back zipper and optional sash. Coat with large shawl -like collar, long sleeves and inside pockets.
Pattern Sizing: Sizes 6-16, all sizes included
Did it look like the pattern /drawing on the envelope once you were done sewing with it: Yes
Were the instructions easy to follow: Yes
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I like everything about this pattern. This time I made the dress with the gathered side accent.
Fabric used: Rayon print from Joann's.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes, I might sew this one again and I'd recommend it to others.
Conclusion: This was an easy sew project. I've made View A with sash several years ago. It is something I wear again and again. My go-to dress.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Another M6074

Another version of McCalls 6074 sewn up in one evening. This is such an easy dress to put together. I made View B again. The fabric is a knit that I just purchased last Saturday at Joann's. Not sure if I'll make this again before summer is over but it's definitely one of my favorites to sew and will be on the list again for the next summer seaon.

McCalls 3503. An out-of-print pattern I've had several years. Never used it, but decided now would be a good time. I made View B, sleeveless vest/jacket. Has princess seams, sleeve facings and hidden placket for buttons/buttonholes. The fabric is a poly/twill I think, LOL! But there's enough left to either make the pants to go with this or for the jacket I originally planned this fabric for. But note the skirt. (not a good pic) It is a-lined from one of the linen prints I bought at Joann's a couple weeks ago. I think it coordinates perfectly with the solid. The skirt is a simple a-lined with back zipper and facings for the waistline. The hem is machine stitched. It is Butterick 3637, a Diahann Carroll style. Very out-of-print but still stylish.
Fabrics in shades of turquoise seem to be my new favorite color. The fabrics I purchased most recently plus some that was already in my stash are in that color family. Hmmm.

There are several pieces of fabric left on my cutting table. Believe it or not, I actually said in a conversation with one of my daughters the other day, that I think I'll try to sew up the rest of those fabrics for summer and then start on fall/winter sewing. We both said it as a matter of fact. In the midst of temperatures in the 90s and we're thinking of sewing clothing for the cool/cold/frigid temperatures. I must be changing. I normally sew in the moment and try to remain in summer mode as long as possible. What can I say...

Catching Up

This became an outfit a few weeks ago. I forgot to blog about it. The top has been in my wardrobe for about two years and I'd wear it with slacks or a denim skirt. I had just enough fabric left for a skirt. The first picture isn't really a good one. I took it without the flash. The skirt is an elastic waist with lining and top-stitched hem. Very simple. I've worn it once already already.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Decisions Decisions

When I broke my fabric fast in June, I purchased two prints to make dresses. I had patterns already picked out for the fabric. But, I've been playing around looking through my pattern collection and actually pinned patterns to fabric. Changed my mind which is not good in this case. I haven't sewn the fabric yet. This is what happens if you don't stick to your original plan, at least in my case. I don't want to line one of the dresses, so I picked out another pattern. So today, I am going to cut out one of the dresses. And it's from a New Look pattern that's been in my pattern stash for a few years. It's hot out already and I'm going to go do some quick errands and come back and stay inside and sew.

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Quick Skirt

After completing the dress from S3874, I decided to sew up the skirt from B3037. I've had this pattern for a long time and have used it a lot. It's still available according to the Butterick site.
Pattern Description: Misses/Misses' petite top, skirt and scarf
Pattern Sizing: 14-16-18
Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes
Were the instructions easy to follow? I'm sure they are but I didn't use them.
What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? It's easy and quick
Fabric used: Lightweight linen print from Joann Fabrics and I lined the skirt.
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None except I just cut it a little shorter than the pattern calls for.
Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes & Yes
Conclusion: I will use this again and again for a quick skirt project. I think it took maybe an hour to sew this. (if that)