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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanks for all the comments on the last few posts. I am sewing and have a completed duster to share, need to take pictures. I am also working on a skirt which will probably be done tonight and I'll work on the other items I'd like to finish by Saturday night. Until next time, Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Fabric Purchase for 2009

I think I've been on such good behaviour so far this year in not purchasing new fabrics! But Friday (the 13th), my daughter and I went over to a Joann's we hardly ever shop. It's just kinda out of the way for us. The President's sale began that day. My daughter was really excited about going over there! We called this a "fieldtrip". (She's a teacher). We were not disapponted with the "red tag" fabric section. The taupe, yellow and turquoise print is going to be a top; the solid fabric will be a jacket. (not to be worn together, but I don't know...) The middle fabric is a very nice moleskin (it looks like a suede). The Asian print on the right will be a skirt (I have enough to do a dress though). The solid on the left is the same fabric as the photo above. Must be the lighting. It looks like a different fabric. When I was choosing the fabrics, it did not occur to me that they all are color coordinated until later. Perhaps I will consider a mini-wardrobe for these pieces. So I wasn't really bad after falling off my self-imposed fabric diet. LOL. I am thinking Spring! Can you tell by my color choices. Can't help it after our Spring-like day a week ago! But, I still have projects to be completed that can be worn now. I am currently working on OOP Butterick 4682 View A (pictures to come). Plus several others I'd like to complete by Feb. 28th. That is my target date for the projects I have cut out. More to come...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Update

Here's what I managed to make over the weekend. OOP Butterick 4232 View C. The fabric is from Gail K's in Atlanta that was purchased over a year ago on one of my trips to visit my daughter. It was an easy to sew project.
It is semi-fitted, pullover, above hip top has long sleeves and stitched hems, flounce on the sleeves and back & front. You can't tell on the fabric print that the front flounce comes across. I think it's cute though. This is one of my replacement items for my wardrobe. I'll wear this with a cami underneath and slacks or a skirt. It's been great weather here the past few days with tomorrow (or today, it's after midnight now) forecasted to go as high as 64 degrees. YAY!! That is very unusual for northern Illinois in February! But we will take what we can get! Have a great sewing day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

This One Didn't Make It

I finished this dress last night that did not make it in time to be submitted in the UFO contest. That's alright because I entered for inspiration to work on things like this dress that has been around my sewing area for awhile.
McCalls 3543 is an OOP. Can be made into a dress or jumper, has bust darts, back zipper and side slits. It says it's a 2-hour dress and on the bottom of the envelope it has 'sewing machine time'. So that doesn't include all the stuff I did in between, like getting a snack, watching tv, LOL. Needless to say, it took me longer than the two hours! I'm glad though it is no longer a UFO. I look forward to wearing it.