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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Decisions Decisions

When I broke my fabric fast in June, I purchased two prints to make dresses. I had patterns already picked out for the fabric. But, I've been playing around looking through my pattern collection and actually pinned patterns to fabric. Changed my mind which is not good in this case. I haven't sewn the fabric yet. This is what happens if you don't stick to your original plan, at least in my case. I don't want to line one of the dresses, so I picked out another pattern. So today, I am going to cut out one of the dresses. And it's from a New Look pattern that's been in my pattern stash for a few years. It's hot out already and I'm going to go do some quick errands and come back and stay inside and sew.


Ms.Alethia said...

You're not alone in changing your mind from original plans for your sewing projects. My indecisiveness is why I don't have as many clothes as I should. Anyway, I just completed a New Look pattern, very quick. I needed something for a music show I went to this weekend. Check it out.

Can't wait to see your finished project!

Ms.Alethia said...

Oops!I thought it would provide an instant link. Either copy the link in your browser or just go to the site and see my photo albums. It's " The Making of a Quick Dress"

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I know the feeling--if I un-earmark a fabric for a particular pattern, it's likely to spend more time in limbo.