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Thursday, November 19, 2009

McCall's 5987

Finally posting pics of the coat.

It was very easy to sew. It's unlined and has an attached scarf/collar. The sleeves are two-piece and there are pockets in the side seams. There is lots of topstitching. I have no idea what type of fabric it is. A mediumweight navy and you can't tell much difference from the right/wrong sides. I've had this in my stash for quite some time and pretty sure I bought it from Joann's.
The first photo is of the scarf/collar tied once in front. and the second photo has the scarf/collar one side draped over the shoulder. Both of these ideas are shown on the pattern envelope. I did not get to wear this because the weather has become too cool by the time I fininished. I think this will look nice with slacks or jeans and a turtleneck or plain sweater underneath. If we get another day that is almost 60 degrees, I could wear it! But I do look forward to making another but probably not until spring.

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gwensews said...

Cute coat. And spring is only 6 or so months away. You have a head start on your wardrobe.