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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day - Sew Day or Two!

It's been forecasted for days. Finally arrived this afternoon. For the Chicago area, they're saying this is the worst snowstorm since 1967. I was just a kid then. Now it's not as fun, LOL!
I'm just getting over a cold that tried to be the flu! So there hasn't been any sewing going on here. Tomorrow I plan to stay inside and sew. Hopefully, I can make some progress because I am behind on where I wanted to be with my projects.
Stay warm and safe everybody since this storm is affecting a lot of people across the nation.


Brenda said...

Jackie, glad you're feeling better. WoW, I've been keeping up with the weather situation there and am in awe. Stay safe and warm, yourself.

Cas... said...

Jackie I'm here in the Chicagoland area too and it's not pretty out there is it? I've hunkered down and I'm just trying to make it through the whole mess!

I'm very glad to hear you're doing better.

Are you doing Chicago PR week in May. It would be so nice to meet you then.

Melodye said...
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Melodye said...

I can spell, I just can't type! Stay warm, take care of yourself and sew!

Jen said...

Jackie, The keep showing the news reports for you down in Chicago and the Milwaukee area too. Being on the fringe of it I cant imagine being in the heart of it like you are. Stay warm and safe, try to think spring I have a feeling a spring wardrobe is about to be born.