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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Fabrics for My Stash

Since I last posted anything that pertains to sewing, I thought I'd ease back into blogging and share a few pics of some of the fabrics purchased recently.
This is a faux suede print that probably will be a coat.
The top fabric has tiny sequins and a trim vertically throughout and second is a knit which I've already made up into a top.
Two more knit prints for tops.
The top piece is a black poplin that has a zebra print jacquard look. It's going to be a jacket. I went back and bought a little more. The purple is another faux suede for a skirt. The fabrics came from a Joann's sale. I have more fabrics from another trip but will share in an upcoming post.
I've made several quick pieces for myself and two dresses that were Christmas presents for my granddaughter.


Sheila said...

Beautiful New fabrics.

MAD14kt said...

Happy Sewing!

gwensews said...

All great fabrics. I'm interested to see that brown floral made up!

Linda said...

Love new fabrics! I have not bought any lately and I am starting to feel the pull to do so.

NuJoi said...

Nice choices