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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I'm Back & A Pattern Giveaway!

It's been awhile since my last post and I didn't mean to stay away this long. But it happens from time to time, not being in the blog writing mode.

I did keep up with reading though and found lots of inspiration. Also, purchased a few patterns but have not brought any new fabrics into my house so far this year. That has been easier than I thought. Sure, I've looked at the fabric sites and even in the stores, but maybe next week I may break my fast and buy something.

To celebrate my return to blogland, I have a few patterns I'd like to give away to whomever would like one or all. They've never been cut or unfolded :). A couple of the patterns may be a couple years old and some are current. The size ranges are 14-18 or 20 mostly. Post your choice(s) in the comments by 5/25 and then I'll contact you via email for mailing address. It's first-come.

In my next post, I'll share my recent projects.


Melodye said...

Welcome back!! Good to see you posting again. Since you said choice(s)VBG, I'll take either the first Threads pattern or the New Look. Thanks!

Omega said...

Great to see you post. I'm a little behind myself on sewing & posting.

Faye Lewis said...

Great to see you back!Great giveaway too. I think the Butterick pattern is the only one that I don't already have so I'd be interested in it. Thanks!

Ruta said...

Welcome back! I follow Your blog. And try out my luck in first two patterns: the Threads of Simplicity.
Best regards,

mitch1066 said...

mcalls 4588 and butterick 4602 really stand out for me.I need to redo my wardrobe after putting on weight from illness:)
Thanks for the chance!

Kelroc said...

Welcome Back!!!

Sheila said...

Welcome back and am totally giggling over here. I have each of those The older ones I scored at Sav-a-thon during one of their 2 for $1.00 sale.

MAD14kt said...

I will like one that's left, if I am not too late ;D TU