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Friday, January 8, 2010

My Sewing Goals

Thank you for all the nice comments. My mom was thrilled to get to wear her outfits.
I've been reading about the sewing goals of other bloggers for the new year. I had thought about my own back in late November and that I'd like to make changes in my wardrobe. It always seems to me as if I don't have anything to wear or I always just pick from the same things. But in order to make the changes I want, I need to make plans and commit to them. Not that things can't change. So for this year:
1. Add suits, dresses and slacks to my wardrobe.
2. Make use of some of the patterns I've acquired. I purchased some Lekala patterns a couple months ago, so I want to make those up too. This should help with No. 1.
3. It's been a long, long time since I made anything with welt pockets. So it's time to include this and other enhancements in my sewing again.
4. I plan not to purchase any new fabric until June. With the exception of linings and anything I may need to complete a garment.
5. Spend less time on the computer so I can get my new wardrobe made (smile!) I saw this on Linda's blog and I agree that my sewing time could only be helped if I did this too.


Linda said...

I like your sewing goals. I think many of us need to get away from the computer. I really like your goal about welt pockets and other enhancements. I wish I had thought of that. Looking forward to seeing your garments for 2010.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Jackie - it is wonderful what you did for your mother but what struck me is that your mom sews, you sew AND your daughter sews - that's pretty awesome!

Good luck with your goals and I really do hope you sew more...I like seeing what you make!

MsMica...Sewnista in the making said...

I RRREEAALLLYY need to set some sewing goals too!... I haven't touched my machine since mid November!
I think your #5 should be my #1... I'm on the computer all day at work. Why do I feel the need to jump right back on when I get home??

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Welt pockets really are a special touch! Enjoy your sewing in 2010.

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