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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekend

Not a lot of sewing going on here over the weekend, except to finish hemming and making button closures for my last top from a few days ago. I hung out with my daughters and granddaughter.
We had a nice day on Saturday beginning with breakfast at a new spot in the Hyde Park or Bronzeville area of Chicago. Ms Biscuit. The food was good. We just had to try the biscuits since that's the name of the restaurant. After breakfast, we headed to Lincoln Park for my newphew's birthday party! Pump it Up, one of those inflatable places for kids birthday parties where parents can sit back and watch the kids run run run, slide down or bounce around and just have a ball without worrying if they'll injure themselves. This was my first time inside of one of these places and they had parties booked back to back! So when our party moved over into the area where the food is served, another group began their bounce around time.
When we left the party, we drove over to Starfruit and sat down for a treat! Yummy! Now for a little shopping! Akira shoes for women on North Avenue, had so many cute styles. Of course my size wasn't available for the pair I wanted! We were going to go up to North Clark street, but decided to save that excursion for another day. Instead we headed into downtown Chicago to stop at one of the Garrett Popcorn shops for their great tasting cheese and caramel popcorn! Our last stop on Roosevelt Road for polish sausages with grilled onions and fries on the side! We didn't bother to pull the camera out for the last few stops. hmmm All in all it was a great day and our weather was in the 70s!! Yay!


Julia said...

I'v never been to Chicago. You make me want to visit!

gold said...

MMMM sounds like good eating time!

Rose said...

Sounds like you had a great day with lots of yummy food! I'm sorry you didn't find the shoes in your size, but there will be other opportunities!

Kat said...

Mmmmm! That food looks dangerously good.

MILLI said...

Stephanie would be proud to see that your blog is more updated than hers since she is the food queen! Even though I was with you guys, we did eat up some stuff didn't we?