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Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Should Probably Just Go To Sleep!

It's after midnight and I just posted two projects on PR and the photos are not correct! I don't know what happened, but I figure I will show here what is right, LOL The top is Vogue 8371 made from a chiffon type print I purchased last year from Fashion Fabric Club. Bias tape is used for the neck and armholes. The hem is topstithced. I serged the seams for that clean finish. The skirt is Simplicity 8831 which is a simple straight skirt, center back zipper, waistband and back slit. I am not sure that this skirt pattern, which has several variations for a top as well, is still available. I made this outfit the night before I left for Dallas, Tx. I wore it on the plane and most of the day. It was very comfortable! The print was to be included as part of the stash reduction contest, but I did not get the chance to submit it in time. Oh well. The skirt fabric was a recent purchase.

The next outfit is a two-piece from McCalls 8272 (a Daphne Maxwell Reid pattern) and Vogue 7184 (not pictured). These are two very out of print patterns. The fabric used is a lightweight gabardine. The top is sleeveless with armhole facings. The button closures are loops and I used some clear buttons that I had in my stash. The skirt is a straight skirt with facings at the waist and a centered back zipper and back slit. All very easy things for quick sewing gratification and instant wearability hahahaha! I have not sewn anything since the pink outfit above. There has not been an opportunity since I've been back home, but I hope to have something to share perhaps by the middle of next week!
Summer is just busy! However, I am glad that I've been able to sew as much as I have.

Since this is August, that means that Fall is just around the corner, but I will still sew a few more summer type outfits because I really do not want to think about Fall or Winter. The latter is just too long of a season around here and I figure there will be plenty of time to make lots of things for that when it gets here. Until then, I'll enjoy the rest of summer. Happy Sewing!


Faye Lewis said...

Great looking outfits. I know you was sharp on the plane in that pink!

Melodye said...

I just discovered your blog and I love both it and the items you sew. You provide such inspiration in both fabric and pattern selection. I can't decide which is my favorite!