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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Latest Fabric Purchase!

Ok, so I'm in the Stash Reduction contest on PR, right! So why did my daughter and I feel we just had to go to our favorite Joann Fabrics to see what delights we'd find in the red tag clearance section? HUH!!! LOL! Well, I only bought four pieces and I think she may have five! I also picked up these two patterns! Simplicity is 2/$3 this week! That was yesterday.

So today we went to another one that we hardly ever visit, just to see. They had lots of fabric but nothing that caught our eye. I did pick up S3535 which I saw on Faye's site. Camillia (aka Milli) did not buy anything. That was the cheapest Joann's trip we've ever been on! LOL We have one more to check out. And then that's it for this week!

Fabric Diet! Another fabric store that we have in our area is Vogue Fabrics, Chicago's Premier Fabric Store. I haven't shopped there for over a year, on purpose! It's not too far from my home, maybe 20-25 minutes depending on traffic. But I always find something. Vogue has fabrics to fit any budget. I've been thinking about going to see what's new, or just to look (yeah right!). Now Milli was there maybe early last week. She bought only two pieces. Good for her! But if I go over there, I will really be off my so-called diet! I know this doesn't make any sense because I just bought four pieces from Joann's. But, I need something for next month when I go to Texas! So to me, staying away from Vogue is kind of like having a scoop of plain vanilla ice cream and leaving off the sprinkles, whipped cream, nuts, and chocolate syrup, if you know what I mean. Hmmm!! If I stay away, we'll see!


Faye Lewis said...

Love your fabric purchases. When you make the Simplicity 3535 pattern are you making the top or the dress?

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You made me LOL when you said that you were on a fabric diet and then did not 1 but 2 Joann trips! Lovely fabrics, btw!!!

Cennetta said...

Pretty fabric. I gave up on my pattern and fabric diet. But decided not to purchase as much. lol

Kat said...

I've been reading sewing blogs tonight and had another attack of sewing envy when I read about you going to Vogue fabrics. I guess I should be happy because I'm relatively close to NYC, but Vogue Fabrics has been calling my name for a couple of years. Make that shouting my name actually. I'd just LOVE to go there!