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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Coat-A Work In Progress

(Updated Wednesday, April 23rd. Here is the picture I wanted to post previously. It was the Blogger, my digital camera worked fine. Last night I turned the lining, pressed the facings and have to hem, add buttonholes and buttons, will post the completed project tomorrow.)

Well Blogger wouldn't let me post a picture at this time. I just wanted to show what point I was at in the construction of the coat. I know I should be sewing spring/summer items, but I wanted to go ahead and work on this coat as it was already cut and staring me down everytime I came to my sewing area! LOL! It's McCalls 5060 View D, out of a black/white wool brocade type of fabric that I purchased at Gail K's in Atlanta last year. I am almost done because I attached the lining to the coat. Sorry no pictures at this time. So I'll post the completed coat soon.
Meanwhile, I also have cut out Simplicity 2938, the dress in a black/white/pink/gray geometric print from Fabric Mart, and the jacket in a solid pink gabardine. The rest of the gabardine I cut out New Look 6788 View D, the coat. It'll be lightweight and something we wear in the upcoming a/c season. I'll be choosing another dress to coordinate with this. So that's it for now.


Faye Lewis said...

Can't wait to see it, aren't digital cameras a good thing. And to think, I was scared of them for a long time.

Faye Lewis said...
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Faye Lewis said...

Looks like you are doing a great job as usual.