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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Latest Project

This top was completed over the weekend and worn on Sunday. I used New Look 6685, the top/blouse view. The fabric was from the clearance section of Joann's purchased earlier this summer. It was simple to sew which was why I was able to complete it by Saturday night. The only thing was the cuffs for the sleeves did not look like the pattern line drawing. The pattern piece was larger than the ordinary cuff, which I expected. But it was sewn just like a regular cuff. I can't think of the term I want to use for the type of cuff it looks like. Nevertheless, it all turned out ok, and I will have lots of choices of skirts or slacks to coordinate this top with. One other thing I liked about it though, was the facing was wider than usual. Instead of having the seam on the front edge, it's extra wide and the foldline is the edge. It makes it look like there is two pieces or an extra seam instead of one. Hope that made sense! LOL


gold said...

Beautiful job!!I like that fabric!

Faye Lewis said...

Love that multi colored fabric you used on the blouse. And thanks for the address to the fabric store in Atlanta. Not sure when I'll go but I have the address now so hopefully it will be before Christmas. Thanks!