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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Weekend

It was a nice weekend, but rainy. I worked Saturday afternoon, attended my niece's trunk party in the evening. So, no sewing was accomplished. My intention to change the zipper in my sister's slacks was dashed because I did not look at what type of zipper was already there. It was an invisible zipper but had a regular zipper ready to go. Oh well, I did buy one during the weekend, so the delay shouldn't be too long, hehehe. We went to Joann's after church today (my daughter and I) to check out the Simplicity 99 cent sale. I got these 4 patterns in spite of the fact that I'd told myself I would not add more patterns to my stash. I got 3624, 3775, 3867 (I've wanted for awhile, but the stores never had it in my size) and then 3631 which is the subject of the latest Sew Stylish Magazine and also on many blogs.

I need to do a major overhaul of my fall/winter wardrobe anyway, and this might be the perfect pattern to do that. Now, I've had the magazine for over a week, but had not a chance to read it thoroughly. But after seeing so many great comments, I will be carrying mine around as well... Have a great week!


Adrienne said...

Put the mag in your purse and do NOT take it out lol, you will LOVE this issue!

GET IT GIRL said...

Love that brown suit- o yeah!