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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vogue Patterns for Fall

Here's what Vogue Patterns has to offer for Fall. So far, I like:

V2987 - I like the details on the back of this jacket.
V2988 - I love both options of this jacket.
V8436 - I think there is some red fabric in my stash for this already waiting.

V2983 - This is really sharp!
V8430-I need lots of options for jackets and I can see this made up in various fabrics for everyday wear either with slacks or a long skirt with boots.
V8420-This will be a great top for early fall. At first I was partial to the top with the long sleeves, but I think I like all the variations.

V2984-Again, another jacket option.


Adrienne said...

Vogue really has some great patterns this time!! I can't wait to pick mine up!

GET IT GIRL said...

Mom, these are great! Loving 2983 & 2988 but they are all on point! Cheese!...Stephanie

gold said...

I am liking that 2988!!Those are some really nice patterns.