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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BMV Mail

If you're a member of the BMV Club (Butterick, McCalls & Vogue), then you probably read about the sale last week.  I only ordered four patterns I think it was Friday night and they arrived in Monday's mail.  V8808M6510M6559 and M6554 a Fashion Star design.  Does anyone watch this show?   It was great that these went on sale when they did.  I'd gone to Joann's to buy all but the Vogue, which had just came out on the website, maybe on the same day I found out about the sale.  But for the first time that I can remember, this Joann's had none of these during their 99 cents sale.  Usually I have no problems finding what I want.  One of the store clerks said it was unbelievable, but the customers were there buying lots of patterns in this particular store location.  Thank goodness for BMV.

Also to venture out from the Big 4, the BMV Club now offers its members a 15% discount on all Marfy patterns.  Of course, I've been stalking the Marfy site but never ordered anything.  Since there's now an added incentive, I thought I'd order a couple.  The yellow tunic is one of the new releases.  The jacket I've had my eye on for quite some time.
Mind you, these patterns do not come in a pattern envelope and there are no descriptions or instructions.  I haven't unfolded them yet.  But look at how compact they are.  I printed the pictures of each to have something to go by.   These came in Tuesday's mail.  

I am expecting another pattern.  This time from Hot Patterns.  This was my first purchase from them.  Another "sale".  I've seen this one on several blogs and I like it too.  HP-1136
So that's my pattern shopping fix for the month.   I have a Groupon to use at Chicago Textiles Outlet.  My daughter will help me use that one.  We have to plan a special day to go since they aren't open on Saturdays.  
Happy Sewing!


Faye Lewis said...

Be still my heart! I'm waiting for my vouge patterns to come in now.

Christiana said...

You showed a lot more restraint than I did. I ordered the same two McCalls patterns, I have no idea what fabric I'm gonna use...


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