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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. It's been my intention to post a sort of recap of 2009 but each time I log into blogger, it won't let me post pictures. So I'll talk about other sewing related things I've done recently.
During the month of December, I didn't sew any new garments. However, I did alterations for my mom. She had two suits she wanted changed. One was a short-sleeved jacket that and wanted long sleeves and the skirt taken in; and the other was a knit jacket where the sleeves were unlined and she wanted them lined. My mom used to sew, so she went off to Vogue Fabrics and the sales clerk helped her choose a fabric for the new sleeves to match the jacket. Since not all shades of black fabric aren't the same, they did a very good job in matchining it up. It is a lot of work to take apart things to alter or whatever which is why I am such a procrastinator when it comes to this type of project. But I got it done in time for her to wear to church.
With that project done, my next was to line the sleeves for the next jacket which was red. With both jackets I used the current sleeve as my guide. I did not remove the sleeve in this jacket though. I made a paper pattern after outlining the sleeve and then proceeded to handstitch it in place after sewing the seam on the machine. This took an entire evening but I was able to deliver the jacket for the next church wearing, LOL!
She was very pleased and so am I. I do have one more skirt to take in and I will do that soon.
If you haven't heard already, the new McCall's & Simplicity patterns are up on their sites. I not real excited but only like one of the McCall's patterns which is M6028. From what I've read, everyone seems to like that one. I may buy this next time I'm at Joann's. And the two Simplicty patterns are S2443 & S2452.
This kind of a long post withouth pictures, but that's it for now.


Faye Lewis said...

Well it sounds like you have been extremely busy. Alterations require a lot of thought and patience.

Susan said...

I am not at the point where I am skilled enough for alterations. I'm sure your Mom was so happy!

gwensews said...

I admire that you did all those alteratios for your mom. I hate alterations, and I had an alteration business at one time. I think that's what turned me off. I have a couple of pieces for myself that need to be taken in. It's a matter of making myself do it.

Rose said...

I once had trouble with blogger refusing to upload my pictures. Then, I noticed that I needed to sign off on some kind of security agreement. You might check that. Congrats for doing the alterations. You are a great daughter! Happy New Year!

Cennetta said...

Happy New Year, Jackie. I hope your holiday season was enjoyable. You have been one busy lady. Looking forward to seeing your 2010 projects.