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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just A Quick Post

I know I promised to show photos from my last completed projects. I took photos but I don't like them so I have to do it over and hopefully post by tomorrow.

Also, I received an email from Butterick about their current BMV sale. The coat by Connie Crawford B5262 is made up on a 'real person'. I never considered buying one of her patterns until now. I think it is so cute!! (sorry I couldn't crop out all the other stuff on the side of the picture). What do you think?

Another question came to mind! I went to the store last weekend to buy interfacing because I was about to run out. You know if you don't have enough of the right one it can put a delay in your sewing progress. Do any of you buy it online, if so, where do you get yours? Thanks


Kat said...

I really wish pattern companies would use "testers"--maybe about 100 people who would be interested in sewing up the pattern. Using an actual garment made from a real sewer modeled on a person would sell a lot more patterns IMO. Think of all the beauties we see on the Internet.

Yes, this is a nice coat pattern. I buy most of my interfacing online from Palmer/Pletsch. However, right now I'm doing some wall hangings and using my good stuff is annoying. I really should invest in some cheaper interfacing just for that purpose and save the P/P interfacing for garments.

Joyce said...

I attended a 2.5 day Connie Crawford class last week. She had samples sewn of all her patterns. The coat pattern was done in the short jacket version with all the buckles. It was gorgeous. Her samples look so different from the drawings on her pattern covers. She's coming to Baltimore this Spring. I'd encourage you to attend one of her sessions. maybe I'll see you there. I'm in NC.

dogwood said...

Hi, Just came across your blog while google-ing this pattern. I just made the short version with the all the tabs... I'm not a great seamstress by any means (and I'm way new to sewing clothes), but this jacket mostly turned out great. Everything went together really well, but I didn't take in the sides nearly enough. Instead of buttons up the front, I'm creating a wrap front with just a toggle closure at the bottom. I hope to have pictures up on my blog soon... Your blog is great by the way!