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Monday, June 23, 2008

More Shopping & Saturday Night Sewing

Another entry for the stash contest. Saturday afternoon, we'd gone out shopping again and in the evening I was not certain that I would do anything in my sewing area. But I went downstairs anyway and looked at my stack of fabrics for the stash reduction. I've had this linen type fabric with sequined embellishments for over a year. Chose an easy pattern, S4528, View D. Cut out and sewn on Saturday night, worn on Sunday morning!

These are my latest fabric purchases from Saturday afternoon. Yeah I know! LOL! This was at the Joann's in Schereville, IN. The first picture is of two pieces of silk I found in the home dec sale section. They're only 27 inches in width. So I visualized a simple jacket out of the top piece and a simple top out of the bottom piece and purchased accordingly. The sales lady was very helpful as she rolled out the fabric while I figured that a sleeve would be here, then another one, etc..

These three are other fabrics I liked. The turquoise/aqua print will be a top, the pink will probably be a two-piece simple suit, and the animal print which is a stretch knit will be a top. There you have it!

So Milli & I have decided that this is it for our summer fabric purchases! She bought fabric as well so I didn't do this all by myself, LOL! She doesn't have a sewing blog just yet, but maybe soon. She'll be sewing for a cruise that she and her husband are going on at the end of July. My sewing goals for this week is to make a skirt (already cut), a pair of white slacks, make the lining for a chiffon print skirt and perhaps make a top to go with the skirt.


Cennetta said...

Lovely tunic and perfect for summertime.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I like the new tunic...and I'm just not saying anything about the new fabric that followed you home!!

Faye Lewis said...

NICE, NICE tunic!

Kat said...

Great tunic! I have that pattern too. Nothing made from it yet though. Just admiring the cover at this point.