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Monday, February 18, 2008

Jacket Complete

My jacket is complete, but I haven't had a chance to take pictures. Hopefully this will be done tomorrow and I will post.
I wish I could be where the picture is in my blog heading!!! It is SO COLD here!!!


Tany said...

Well, I could use some of that cold here where I live (or else I won't be able to wear my new coat, lol)

Sheila said...

Hi Jackie, came across your blog via Live & Learn. I noticed you have New Look 6788 in your sewing que, have you selected fabric yet. I have the pattern also... just trying to get inspired and start

Jackie said...

Sheila, Thanks for stopping by! I have a couple fabrics from my stash that I have on my cutting table, just last night. One is a dusty pink suiting similar to gabardine, and the other is a boucle in a yellowish green (I think that's how I'd describe the color). I am leaning towards the dusty pink for the NL 6788. I decided to pull out some spring colors to give a boost to my sewing plans and hopefully the weather will change in a week or or so for the better with milder temperatures.

C. Dishmey said...

Hi Jackie, where have you been??