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Thursday, February 7, 2008

HOORAY!! All of hems on the six pair of pants for my sister are DONE!!! I am so happy. If she had not called to ask to get the black pair to wear this weekend, I would have continued in my slow pace and got them all to her on Sunday. Now my other sister's pants are still waiting. All I need to do is replace the zipper. LOL I've had those longer than I had the six! LOL

A lot of bloggers have been wondering where their 'mojo' for sewing has gone and I was wondering about mine too. Although I had not considered calling it a mojo, LOL It seems like I was on a roll and then I wasn't. Sometimes I just don't feel motivated and can't get into a sewing mood. We've all been there. Well, after seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on those pants, I kept thinking, I can't wait to sew something! Now I have felt this way before and will again I'm sure. So maybe next time I just don't feel like sewing, perhaps I'll tackle some other project that will help put me in the sewing mood. In my previous posts, there are a couple of things that were put aside, but I'll finish them up this weekend with pictures!

I have a few new patterns to help after finishing up the other things:
Vogue 1042 - I like the top because it has the bra-cups and is fitted and flared skirt, but the jacket is nice too.

V8473 - Love this jacket!

New Look 6788 - I just really like this for Spring.

One other thing, I have not added any new fabrics to my collection so far this year! Hmmmm That will probably change soon! LOL Until next time.


Kelroc said...

What I did recently to get bsck into the sewing mood was make an easy project like slippers. Because they are so easy and quick yyou get some instant sewing satisfaction.

Faye Lewis said...

Nice to see you post. Been missing you.

Jackie said...

Thanks Faye, I've been under the weather a little, but feeling so much better now!

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

I bought the New Look pattern too...I really like that one!

Cennetta said...

Congrats on finishing your sisters pants. Ooooh, I like both Vogue patterns.