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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Mall!

Oh Goodness! I went to the mall today with my youngest daughter who is here from ATL for the next nine days! I haven't gone to a mall in a very long time! I prefer fabric stores! LOL So today was not so bad because I expected it to be crowded. It was! I expected it to be difficult to find a parking space. Well that part was actually easy. Some nice soul pointed out that they were about to leave and we could have their's. I couldn't wait to 'pay it forward' when we left!! The only reason we went to the mall was to get some things for my husband. I managed to get some things and I was ready to go. My daughter found something for him also. Just now, I placed an order online for one other item and I can pick it up in the morning! It's near that mall, but not in it! hahahaha I will have to post later what has kept me from sewing the past few weeks. Happy Holidays!!

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