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Sunday, November 25, 2007


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Ours was a quiet, at home dinner with all the fixings. Now to prepare for Christmas! My youngest daughter will be coming for ten days and we'll be quite busy! Of course, no gift shopping has been done! LOL I plan to be done by the 15th, hehehe!

I've decided not to do the SWAP. All of my fabrics and patterns are selected, but I am lacking some pieces for tops/blouses that'll coordinate with the skirts and slacks etc. Now I guess I could easily go out and purchase more fabrics, but what is chosen already is at 11 pieces. I don't know, I really wanted to do this as a SWAP. I'm still planning to sew the garments since I've pulled everything out! LOL I'll post pictures tomorrow of my fabrics and patterns. I've completely changed my mind about the first wardrobe pattern that was originally going to be used.


C. Dishmey said...

:-( Maybe next time?

Adrienne said...

Good luck with your SWAP!